Best of Luxury Realty is a technology-driven real estate brokerage and one-of-a-kind advertising platform for the vertical real estate market. Our company philosophy encourages agents to develop their own business, yet it is not always easy to maintain a constant flow of leads. It is with that fact in mind, besides being a real estate brokerage that we offer qualified agents to participate in the “Group Leads Program”. An opportunity in which high-quality customer inquiries are being sent to the experienced group agents to carry the customers from qualifying through closing.

We spend the time, money, and resources without you having to do so, freeing up 60% of your time and money that may have been spent without guaranteed results. In return for prospects, we ask that you work the inquiries and close them. Everything is done in-house, meaning that we are NOT selling the leads and do not require any sign up fees or ask for funds towards advertising. This allows you the opportunity to not spend any money on advertising and upfront costs that many agents financially cannot afford.

Whether you are an experienced agent with a proven sales record history or a new agent with large potential, at Best of Luxury Realty you will be provided the necessary tools, resources, assistance, and local branding to excel, generating maximum performance and financial success. Join us and increase your income.