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PLEASE NOTE! We do not deal with short term/vacation rentals. Our office only deals with annual leases that are 1 year or longer, $2,000+/mo. All tenants must be able to provide proof of income, have minimum creadit score (FICO) at least 650+, and show references upon request.

PLEASE NOTE! If you are working with a Realtor and being represented, please contact them for further assistance unless you are not happy with their services. Your agent should be answering all of your questions, gathering all data, and setting up showings on your behalf. We can only work with clients who are not already represented.

Thank you for contacting us in helping you to ensure you are buying or leasing the right property at the right price and time. We look forward to earning your loyalty and trust.

ATTENTION! If you are a Realtor, please do not use our website for searching listings or scheduling showings, we do not display direct listing agent's contact details, all listings have our office contact information. Best of Luxury Realty's website contains all of South Florida's MLS database and provides information to our prospective clients only. Instead, check your member MLS database, as it contains all of the listing information and showing instructions from the listing agents.

**If you are a Realtor looking to join our team, please leave your contact information so we may contact you when we have an opening on our team.