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116 listings
$224,900 - $1,625,000
468 listings
$110,000 - $2,700,000
3 listings
$879,900 - $925,000



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Davie: More urban than the other cities in the county

One of the most populous towns in Broward County, Davie lays claims to be a principal city in the Miami Metropolitan area. Spread over an area of 35.7 sq miles, this is one of the largest towns in the country by area as well.

Having a reputation of being a Western town, you can still see some glimpses of the Wild West architecture in this city. One of the best places to study in Florida, this city is home to some of the premier colleges and universities in the county.

Politically, Davie has a reputation of being a peaceful town, a far cry from the 1970s when it had a reputation of being inhospitable to the Jews. At one point in time, people believed that this city was the seat of the Ku Klux Klan in South Florida. Today, they have sorted out the matter beautifully with a thriving Jewish community making Davie their home.

You get the chance to have a lot of recreation in this busy township with the Flamingo gardens and the Miami Dolphins Training Facility. With a thriving economy, you have very low unemployment levels in the area. With a population of more than a 100 thousand people, this area is more populous than any other city in the county. However, you have cast swathes of vacant land thereby providing a lot of scope for construction activities.
Investing in real estate is a positive thing to do for people who wish to have decent education because of the presence of some high-quality schools. Climate wise, this place is no different from the rest of the areas in the vicinity. This means that the climate is perfectly conducive for augmenting the growth of real estate.

Home to some top quality sportsmen, this place provides ample opportunities to excel in sports like baseball, American football, and professional wrestling.